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Week Beginning 30/3/20

The Little Shoemaker

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Story ideas

  • Retell the story in a fairy tale style.

Start with Once upon a time...


  • Retell the story from the point of view of one of the shoes.

You will need to use 1st person ( I, me, my, we, us)


  •  Write a conversation between the 2 shoe makers.

Remember the rules of speech (Inverted commas, capital letter, piece of punctuation inside the inverted commas, new speaker new line and synonyms for said)  


       "You can't sell your shoes right outside my shop!" exclaimed the short shoe maker.



  • Write a set of instructions about how to make magical shoes.

Don't forget your time adverbials at the beginning of your instructions.


     1.  Firstly, get 1m of strong leather and make sure it is clean.


  • Write a different ending to the story.

How could you get rid of the other shoemaker?

Can both shoemakers become friends?


  • Write character descriptions for both shoemakers


  • Write a setting description for the shoe shop