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Work sent in from home (2)

13 July 2020


Today I am sharing Jade's cakes she has baked at home. Don't they look delish! Jade has also included the recipe so why not have a go? More pics please 5GF!!!

3rd July 2020


Today I've received a lovely newy email from Dylan.  He has certainly been enjoying this time with his family.  He has also sent me some great pictures.


Mum and Craig took us to poundland to buy 2 fishing nets and a bucket. We went to catch jelly fish. We caught hundreds of them. We also caught what looks like water slugs and small sea creatures. The jelly fish were orange, red, pink, & white underneath. Zeke didn't want to put them back really. We had a great fathers day and Craig got a cup from Zeke that says super dad on it, with a super bear, it was quite funny. We still visit the swans and all the babies, cygnets are still there. They have 8. There are terrapin turtles there and we think they have eaten 8 of the baby ducks now as only 2 left. Mum is sending some pictures. Hope you have a great weekend. I can't wait to watch Frozen 2. I think Zeke will really laugh watching Olaf! 


From Dylan 5CG.

Alfie has also been thinking about what independence means to him and has produced the following poster to show his ideas. 


Alfie has also been trying out his poetry writing skills.  He has written a poem about pancakes-linked to his Bake-off challenge entry and a fabulous poem about his class. Enjoy

26th June 2020


I have some more lovely work to bring your from Alfie this week.  He has really been enjoying the mystery maths and English, using the clues and finding out who committed the crimes.


Spoiler alert- if you haven't solved the mysteries yet- don't look at Aflie's 

22nd June 2020

 Riley has taken the time to send in some of the work that he has completed at home.  Well done Riley-keep up the good work

19th June 2020


We have some great pictures today from Andrew, to show us some of the skills he has been developing over the last weeks.  Keeping fit and having fun.

17th June 2020


Today, I have some more work from Alfie.  Alfie you have been such a regular contributor to our work sent from home section.  I am very proud of the hard work you are continuing to put into your learning. 

16th June 2020


Today, I have been sent some more fabulous work from the lovely Dylan.  He is really trying his best to carry on working from home, which we all know can be extremely challenging.  Well done Dyan and to all you home learners - still logging in regularly.  We are very proud of you. 

12th June 2020


Today, I have received some lovely work from Ella.  I particularly like the Brazilian style art that she has produced using different fabrics in a collage effect.  Well done Ella

12th June 2020- Spoiler Alert


I've delayed posting Bella's work this week because she enjoyed both the maths and the English tasks, this week, that she solved the mysteries all in one day, maths on Monday and English on Tuesday.  If you haven't found out 'who done it' yet, do not read on!

Murder Maths and Missing Emojis

12th June 2020


Alfe has continue to work hard on his learning at home, as he has done the whole time.  Well done Alfie you have done a good variety of activities this week.

10th June 2020 - Today, I have the pleasure of bringing you not one, bit two deforestation reports. 


Both Caitlyn and Anya have worked very hard on their research and in writing powerful and detailed paragraphs.  Well done girls - keep up the good work. 


Caitlyn's Deforestation Report

Anya's Deforestation report



Several countries have been doing this. Deforestation is removal of the forest, to convert into the land like houses, farms, factories and many more. This has been going on for years and it gets worse every single day. This is not a good sign for the world.


Deforestation can also be for good things. If we cut trees down, we can have more farmland to grow crops, build more houses, mining for more materials, it can reduce wildfires and we get more paper. As we know, our population is increasing, so we need more space for housing, hospitals, schools and more. Furthermore, we need to grow crops, so we can eat . As a result, deforestation can be useful but remember it is doing more harm than good.


Deforestation is not good.Firstly, it is destroying the world. Animals live in the rainforest and if people cut down trees, animals will have no shelter, no food, no home to live and they will extinct. Secondly, it also causes landslide, flooding, air pollution, increases carbon dioxide and decreases oxygen level. It increases the temperature, which causes wildfires which is a disaster. For example, there was a bush fire in Australia in February 2020 because of which many animals and fire fighters lost their lives.


In conclusion, you can see the effects of deforestation which has adverse effects on living beings. We should conserve the environment,so please make it change before it gets too late.

8th June 2020


Today, I was really pleased to receive Alfie's Deforestation report.  I am so pleased to see that he is keeping up the quality of his writing and still continuing to include exciting and challenging vocabulary.  Well done Alfie






Deforestation is one of the worst things that’s happening to the world. Deforestation is when a large area of trees is taken down by all kinds of machinery. People destroy trees so they can make timber, various types of paper, envelopes, cards and to extract palm oil and a lot more. Did you know, only 5% of timber is actually used for making everyday items and the rest is all wasted?


In Rainforests, Deforestation is affecting animals and plants drastically. Whenever a tree is taken down, the helpless, vulnerable animals and creatures lose their home and their food supply when plants are destroyed. Do you know how many animals are dying to Deforestation? According to WWF, 53% of animals have died since 1970. The sustainability of forest animals is unacceptably low and something needs to change. If people keep on destroying forests, the sustainability of food will not be enough to keep the animals alive and well. People want palm oil and in order to get palm oil you need to demolish trees, as a result, affects animals and plants by destroying their habitat.


You may not live near a Rainforest but do you realise how much oxygen they produce? The leaves take in Carbon Dioxide and changes it into oxygen. Oxygen is vital because without it, human’s animals and plants would become extinct! All trees in the world go through this process. The Rainforests also help import moisture, cool down the air and moisten the air and encourage the rain. People barely care about our Rainforests because we know more about the Moon than our Rainforests.



Only 5% of timber is actually used, Deforestation is killing animals and plants, 53% of animals have died of Deforestation since 1970. Trees give a lot of oxygen, The Rainforests help import moisture, cool down the air and moisten air and encourage rain. People know more about the Moon than our Rainforests, so we need to learn more about it and spread the awareness.

5th June 2020


The first work from home of the new half term has come from Dylan.  I am so proud of Dylan, he has by far sent me in the most work from home.  Well done Dylan Keep up to good work.


He tells me that...

We have done so many awesome things over half term. I have been listening to George Ezra and Paolo Nutini this morning. I enjoy George the most, I have his album in the car. I made my own funny walk video and with some of my birthday money, I bought a new black fitness watch from the internet 🥳⌚ So when it arrives I can see how many steps I do each day. One of my pictures is my silly walk.


He has also made banana cake as his bake-off challenge-pop over to the back-off challenge pictures page to look at the yummy bakes that have been happening. ​