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Frozen In Time - Character Diary


This week we are going to be writing diary entries as one of the characters from the book 'Frozen In Time', written by Ali Sparkes.


This book is about 2 children, who make a discovery in their garden.


You have received the first 4 chapters of the book, and you should have read these before you start the diary entry. Ben and Rachel, are having a very wet and boring summer holiday, however today they make a discovery....


Fredrick and Polly had breakfast with their father this morning, and then their father put them to sleep in a capsule.


Using the PowerPoint slide show, you are going to write a diary as one of the characters.


There are 6 tasks to follow to help your diary development.

Frozen In Time Diary PowerPoint

Still image for this video
This is a PowerPoint slide show, going through the teaching steps that we will be doing in class. Follow the PowerPoint and use the SPaG page to support the grammar teaching

Task 1


Slide 1 of the PowerPoint - what has happened in the story so far?

Record the key events from the story so far. Take each character in turn and record their thoughts and feelings at each part of the story.

How did Ben feel when he found the wheel among the mud?

How did Rachel feel when she saw the bodies in the pods?

How did Frederick feel when he realised what had happened?

How did Pauline feel, when she first woke up?

Record charcters thoughts and emotions - use a timeline to help you. look at sthe time line slide at 1:05 on the slide movie

Timeline example

Task 2


What does a diary look like? What do we need to include?

Think about our diaries of Scrooge from December...

Look at the example diary from the exemplification file for Frankie, what features can you identify? 

Look at the language used - is it formal or informal? Why?

What grammatical features can you identify?

Look at the clause structure, use of adverbials and contrcations.

Use the SPaG page to revisit and revise clause structure and contrcaction use.


Annotate the diary to identify features included. 

Use the What makes a Diary Successful PDF below.



Go to the SPaG page for this week to revisit and revise the use of I or Me, Clause structure and contractions.

Task 4


Language choices - depending on the character you are going to write a diary for Rachel and Ben are from modern times. Frederick and Polly are from 1956. How did people talk in the 1950's? Look at the language on the PowerPoint movie and research some 1950 phrases, that children would have used at the time.




Task 5


Look at the example diary starters/excerpts on the slide show. Look at how they portray the characters voice and tone.


Choose a character from the chapters that you have read so far and begin to write a short diary entry in character. How did the day start for this character, what has happened throughout the day and bring it up to date, with what is happening now? Where are they now?


Think about the grammar features you have revisited, I or Me, clause structure and contracxtions. This about langugae use, formality or informality. Think about phrases from modern times or 1956.


Maintain character tone throughout the diary. Show the character thoughts, feeling and empathy.


Think about sentence structure, punctuation accuracy and spelling.


Use your timeline from task 1 to create a chronological diary. Look at the grammar slides on the slide show to ensure you have included the grammar features.

Task 6


Edit and improve your diary. Read your diary through, does it portray the character you have chosen, does it flow and make sense? Do the events follow the timeline you created for task 1?


Look at the grammar features from the Slide show, have you inclided these?


Send a copy of your diary to your teacher, so we can share them on the year 6 home-leasrning page.