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Over the last week and during the following 2 weeks, we will be working on the transition unit from secondary schools on Frankenstein. This unit has been used over the last 3 years, and sent on to the receiving secondary schools.

Although it has not been set this year due to COVID-19 and the current situation, we thought we would still do it, as it has some great activities linked to it.

The Year Without Summer

Comparing 2 Extracts

Create Your Own Monster

Descriptive Write - Setting the Laboratory Scene

The Monster is ALIVE!


Now that you have explored the text, investigated the reasons behind the story and created your own version of the monster, we would like you to write the scene for the monster is alive.


Set the scene, using your ADDSPICE work, build tension through sentence length and vocabulary choices. This about verb and adverb use to create movement. Use effective adjectives and expanded noun phrases to describe. Think about punctuation use and paragraphing to develop the scene and move the scene along.


If you use speech, use speech to convey character and move the story along.


Use Prepositions to tell the reader where something is and adverbials to explain how something happens. Think about clause structure and use of coordinating, subordinating contractions and relative clauses. Use colons and semi-colons to develop tension withing clause structure. Use modal verbs, chechkverb tenses....

But most of all have fun writing it and be creative.


Send your finished piece to your class teacher for us to share on the website.