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Pobble 365


Pobble 365 is an online literacy website, which has daily picture related writing activities.

Each day there is a new picture and you can continue the story starter, answer questions about the picture, describe the picture and improve sentences as part of grammar activities.


Just choose a day or a picture and get started....

The Tree Door

Story starter!


The creaky, old doors had not been opened for years. The beast had always lived inside, but nobody dared to visit. Noises that echoed from the gaps in the door had haunted those who heard them. Nobody knew what the narrow, mossy steps led to. Nobody knew what was lurking within.

One day, the heavy, wooden doors slowly began to open with a groan…


Can you continue the story of the mysterious door?

Question time!


Who might live inside the tree?

What would the house look like? Who put the sign on the door?

What do the local people think about the beast living inside?

Is the lamp ever lit?

Does the beast have neighbours?

Does the beast live alone?

If you lived in a village nearby, would you approach the door and meet the beast?

What do you think the beast is like?

What does the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ mean? Could this apply to the beast?

If you were the beast, would you want to go out and meet people or would you prefer to hide away?

Perfect picture!

Imagine the camera zooms out, and you can see the entire tree.


What does the rest of the tree house look like?


What does it look like inside?


Draw or write down what you have imagined.

Sentence challenge!


Write one of these conjunctions in each space to complete the sentences. Use each word once.

as however and


Ben ____________ Claire said the beast was terrifying.

Jane, ____________, liked him ____________ he was kind to her.


Sick sentences!


These sentences are ‘sick’ and need your help to get better. Can you help?


The door opened and the beast came out.


The big beast had scary teeth and big claws.


He looked scary He was kind.