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Girl and Robot

Still image for this video
A young girl builds a steam powered robot but has trouble getting it started. After turning up her power source too high the machine explodes, spraying cranks, pistons and sprockets around the room.

This short animation reminded me of our work on the Industrial Revolution. The animation has a futuristic feel as the girl is building a robot, but we know that they had not been created during the Industrial Revolution.


Watch the animation carefully - maybe watch it a couple of times. Make notes on the animation so that you can us these in your writing activities. Record what happens, what order it happens, how the girl might feel...

Record key vocabulary - technical language, emotive language, synonyms and effective descriptive language.


Word work:

What onomatopoeia words could you use to describe the sounds in the animation?

Clunk, bang, whizz...

Create a word bank that you can use in your writing.


Writing Outcomes:


Activity 1: Description of scene

Use picture page to annotate and create a word bank which you can use during the writing of the scene description. Use the success Criteria to help you include features. 


Activity 2: Diary entry


Write a diary in character from the perspective of the girl or the robot. What do you think the girl is feeling as she is creating the robot? How does she feel when she increases the power? How would she feel afterwards?

What could the robot be thinking? What does he want? How does he feel?

What emotions are the characters feeling?


Remember diary wring features - first person, past tense, emotive language...

Use the Diary Features Poster below.


Activity 3: Instruction or Explanation text


Imagine you are the girl, how could you remember the turn on sequence? How could you remember the order you made the Robot in?

We use instructions to remember how we made something, or how to operate something. Or we use explanation texts to explain the processes


Re-watch the video, think about the sequence of the turn on sequence.

Order the events so that the sequence is accurate.

If you were making a Robot, what parts would you make first? What equipment will you need?

Write an instructional text or explanation text explaining the process to turn on the Robot, and /or the make a Robot. Look at the drawings the girl created at the beginning of the animation - could these help you>? Use the screen shot page below.


Look at the features  of Instructions poster below.


Remember to order event in chronological order, use imperative verbs, write in a clear process, think about layout, so that it is easy to follow.


Activity 4: Narrative


You could do 2 pieces of narrative writing for this animation.

You could retell the story in your own words, using your notes and word work to  recreate the animation on paper.

Use the storyboard sheet below.

Think about the emotion of the characters throughout the video. Use the notes and word work from earlier to enhance your writing, Think about technical language - power source, machine, explodes, spraying cranks, pistons and sprockets.


Activity 5: Narrative Ending


Write a predictive narrative - what could happen next?

What happens after the Robot explodes? What could girl do? How does she feel? Watch how she looks into the Robots eyes, what is she thinking feeling?

Use the last 3 storyboard pictures on the storyboard sheet below.

How does the Robot feel? Can she rebuild him?

Write a narrative telling the continuation of the story. 

Show how the story could continue, build the character s relationships and emotions.