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SATs Week


This week would have been out SATs week, during SATs we do not normally do writing activities, but I have included some writing activities for you to do to keep that writing sharp. Give some of them a go and send your writing outcomes to your teacher.

It is the year 2799!


This week The Grange Readers Flyer has a focus on Pollution, so I have used this as a writing stimulus...


Use the image to help you develop a description of the scene, story starter, answer questions and develop and improve sick sentences. This links to the Super Sentence Stacker activity below.



Story starter!

The year is 2799. Toxic fumes smother the planet. The survivors of The Great Toxic War congregate in the fields of Elysium, considering the future of mankind.


Can you continue the story in the same style or develop your own story for the picture?

Question time!


Who are the people in the picture?

What are they wearing on their heads?

What do you think the Earth will be like in 2799?

What do you think schools will be like in the future?

What do you think has happened to the Earth?


Perfect picture!

What are both characters looking at?

Is it the same thing?

Draw what you have imagined.


Sentence challenge!

Can you write a sentence that uses an apostrophe for omission?

E.g. cannot = can’t I have = I’ve he will= he’ll she is= she’s we have= we’ve will not = won’t

Can you write a sentence that uses an apostrophe for possession?

E..g. Jack’s suit Alice’s hair Jack’s face Alice’s oxygen bubble


Boring sentences!

These sentences are boring and need your help to get better.

They stood in the field.

They were a bit scared.

They were wearing bubbles.

Can you improve them?

Can you use them in your story?



Super Sentence Stackers with Jane Considine


This is a online lesson with a focus on vocabulary and using vocabulary effectively within your writing. Mrs C explores grammar features, vocabulary and structure of writing. She visits spelling rules with in her lesson.


This lesson focuses on an animation called One Man Band


Watch the animation and choose a chunk to write about.

Use the picture page to help you record jottings about the chunk you want to write about.


Watch the lesson with Mrs C and watch as she models her lesson and shares work examples.

Watch how Mrs C models her vocabulary choices, and uses figurative language to write effective sentences. Look at her use of alliteration, onomatopoeia and word play with prefixes and suffixes.

Focus on the characters and describe actions, movement, thoughts and feelings

Look at the development of the oxymoron and the use of negatives and positives to create comparisons.


Write 9 sentences including the 3 challenges - a metaphor, an oxymoron and words with prefixes and suffixes.


The idea is the chunks can be put together to create a full story.


Share these with me and I will put examples on here and see if we can create a full story.


Give it a TRY, I look forward to hearing from you!