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Writing and Reading

This weeks literacy

This week we will be reading the Two Frogs by Chris Wormell, a fun little tail about two frogs. We will be using this book as our 'text driver' for two weeks. We will use this book to help us learn all about fronted adverbials, inverted commas and vivid language. Our goal is to write our own story based on the Two Frogs. During the week, we will complete a few writing exercises designed to help us achieve that goal. 

Year 3 lesson one the Two Frogs story and activity

This is our first lesson in year 3 at Grange Junior School Gosport, based on the story 'The Two Frogs'. We would love you to download the activity sheet and h...

Grange Junior School Year 3 Literacy lesson 2 12th January

A mini session of creating character voice and using accents. Please have a go at Role Playing with an adult, or writing a page of dialogue.

Lesson 2 Worksheet

Grange Junior School Gosport lesson 3 Literacy 13th January

A tutorial on how to write a character description based on the book the two frogs. I discuss good examples and show you how I write.

Lesson 3 Worksheet and instructions