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We have created a blog so that you can get in contact with the teachers during this difficult time. We are available for tips on home learning or advice. I really hope you come to the blog to share video's and pictures of what you are doing at home!

please follow the link!

We look forward to seeing what you have been doing to keep buys during these difficult times.

Mr Hanser, Mrs Powell and Mr West

Weather poetry... 2 weather poems for you to read and answer questions about!

Welcome to the Year 3 page 

Our hope over the next few weeks is to provide you with a complete e-learning experience. We will be working over the next few days to ensure that you have resources and website links to help you to support your children as much as you can. We will also be creating a blog so that you can send us the work you have done at home and we will put the pictures up for you. 

We have created topic pages at the bottom of this page including links for Maths and Reading Home Learning.


We hope that you will still continue to: 

  • Practise your spellings in spelling journal 3 x a week, using one of the spelling activities in the front of the book we have updated these. 
  • Practise your times tables 3 x a week (e.g. out of order, orally. tests, using online activities)
  • Read 5 x a week and record inside the reading journal booklets!

We are also asking for you all to complete a project for History. You can choose which question you want to answer in your research. 

Letters from Teachers

Year 3 team

 Year 3 team 1 Mr Hanser - 3MH
 Year 3 team 2 Mrs Powell - 3CP
 Year 3 team 3 Mr West - 3JW

LSA Mrs Darrington &                            LSA Miss Smith &                      LSA Mrs Carter &

       Miss Langton                                           Mrs Armstrong                           Mrs Court

Home Learning during school closures because of the COVID-19 outbreak.


Due to the forthcoming school closure, we have put together some ideas for home learning for Year 3.  All children will be given a purple books to record all their learning in and this should be brought back to school on their return.


We will update these links as regularly as we can to keep the children interested and active!


Have a listen to some of the David Walliams stories. There are a number of free Audio books you can listen to quietly! Challenge - Write a book review on your thoughts of the book you listened too! 


Happy listening and reviewing Year 3!

Get Creative by having a go at some of the step by step drawings each day! 

How creative can you get?

Monday Challenge - Use the diagram below to create this Lady Bird step by step. How many secret Artists do we have in Year 3? 

Tuesday Challenge - 

Brighten up your day by creating this butterfly. Can you use just the Primary Colours from our Artist study of Mondrian to create a colourful butterfly?

Could you create your own, unique species with different patterns and colour?

Upload yours to the blog after!

Wednesday Challenge - 

As it's April 1st and the sun is shining, have a go at creating a chick. As we approach Easter and that Spring has now arrived, create your own chicks. Remember to upload them to the blog!

Thursday Challenge - 

As we get closer to Easter, practice your Easter Bunny drawing skills by following the simple steps. Where will your Rabbit be? Could you draw a landscape for your Rabbit to be in?

Remember - Upload your drawings to the blog for everyone to see! 

Friday Challenge - 

You have all been keeping busy, keeping your learning going. Now, can you become a Wise Owl and draw your own owl? 

What colours will you use? Can you add shading? 

Remember, upload pictures of your drawings to the Year 3 Blog! 

Year 3 Curriculum maps