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Unfortunately, the decision has been taken to cancel the IOW residential in May this year. Mr D has spoken to the hotel on the IOW and they would be able to accommodate our group on 14th September - if everything has returned to 'normal'. Our Headteachers and Mr D are happy for the Trip to go ahead if at all possible so as not to disappoint the children. My question to you is would you like your child to go in September (all being well) or would your prefer to say NO NOW to this years trip and have the refund? We will let the hotel know how many children would like to go in Sept and make the tentative booking. IF the situation is still not good in September, we will obviously cancel the trip and you will then receive a refund.
If you choose to have a refund now, it will not be immediate - I will collate all info required, complete the spreadsheet and then forward to HCC to process. With fewer staff working due to Covid-19, it may take a little while? Hampshire County Council have just completed setting up a temporary process for us to make the refunds - this has not been possible before on this large scale. I will need the following details in order to complete the spreadsheet and for them to send you a cheque:
Name of Payee - first and last name (who cheque is to be made payable)
Home Address - street, city and postcode
The payees email address
It can be arranged for the money to go straight into your bank account - it is up to you if you would wish to share your bank details? IF you do, I will need your:
Bank Sort Code
Account Number.
If money to be paid into a building society, I will need the bank reference for this. This option is entirely optional - you can just receive the cheque if preferred and NOT give these details to me.
Please could you let me know by email only ASAP - if you would like to wait until September or if you would like a refund as soon as it can be arranged? Don't forget to include above details in your email!
I hope all is well in your household and that your have a lovely Easter weekend!