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Year 6 Children's Work from Home Learning

Friday 26th June 2020


Morning Year 6! Gosh what lovely weather we're having but well done to all those who are still working so hard at home - in this heat! 

Thank you Julia for your pack of work this week. It really shows what a dedicated student you are. And thank you Brooke for emailing me some of your maths and English. It is great to see you practising those tricky spellings. Again, great commitment to your studies. It is so lovely to hear from you all so please do keep in touch.

Wednesday 3rd June 2020


Hi Everyone,


Well I have to say it's been a busy few days back in school, but lovely to see so many of you bouncing straight back to life in the classroom.


I know those of you at home are also working hard on your learning too. It was lovely to hear from Meryem this week. Take a look at what she's been up to: A Birthday too, during Lockdown. Mr Fletcher said to tell you: "You have been Birthdayed!"


Well done Meryem. Love your pebble painting.

Thursday 21st May 2020


Good Morning everyone, over the last few days I have been in school so I haven't had a chance to put work on the home-learning page. So I have a few bits of work to put on today.  We are missing you all so much, and can't wait to see you soon. 

Don't forget to contact us to share your news and any work that you have been doing.


Firstly well done to Jasmine and Ava on their results on the SATs papers from 2 weeks ago.

Super effort keep it up. 


Next Clayton has written a story about The Monsters InThe Wood. A complete original, with wormholes, monsters and friends. I love his use of characterisation between the characters and through speech; his use of empathy and his development of the plot. He has used clause and sentence structure to develop tension and develop his description. Have a read and see what you think. Well done Clayton!



The Monster In The Woods

The Golden Age of Islam


Aimee Has been working hard on our topic subject for the half term, The Golden Age of Islam. She has used research effectively to create a detailed information text about this Ancient Civilisation and it's impact on the modern day. Her research includes comparisons between the practices during the ancient civilisation and modern day education, politics and medicine. She has looked at trade routes between India and china along the 'Silk Road', and investigated distillation to aid medicine and perfumeries.

Well done Aimee, some super research and well presented. I love your perfume idea. smiley

The Golden Age Of Islam

Sight and Light


Gracjanna has continued her work on our science topic, Sight and Light. She has been looking at how the eye sees. How light travels through the eye and is inverted. She has also been investigating how light travels from the stars, and how light is reflected on the moon.

I have added her latest work to her previous Light work. See below. Well done Gracjanna smiley

Monday 18th May 2020


Welcome to another week of fabulous learning. This week we start with Ryan Cairns in 6SLS who has been busy completing SATs papers during SATs week. Well done Ryan. You've been working like a trojan!

Wednesday 13th May 2020


Today I have received a super piece of science work from  Gracjanna, investigating light and how we seen the stars and moon. She has used research to support and justify her answers and she has laid her work out clearly. Well done Gracjanna.

Light and Sight by Gracjanna

Tuesday 12th May 2020


Today I received a descriptive write from Jasmine. Wow, quite an imaginative piece. I love her use of language for effect and relationships between the characters. I like her use of prior knowledge and making links between the image and the theme of Dracula.

Well done Jasmine - I want more!

Wednesday 6th May 2020


Yesterday I received some emails, which included photos of work and fun activities that are being done at home, during this time of lockdown. Gracjanna has written a VE Day inspired poem, from this weeks Literacy Challenges, which is written in the style of a wartime poet and really captures the emotion of the time.

Dara has sent photos of his time in shudown, showing some of his work and other activities he is doing at home. Dara and his family are going to use these photos to create a photo scrapbook of COVID Lockdown, what a great idea!



Gracjanna's VE Day Poem

Dara's Home Learning Journey

We've also been sent these photos from Jay Collier showing all the things he's been up to at home. Certainly looks like you've been busy Jay! Love all the cooking: it's making me hungry!

Monday 4th May 2020


This week we are celebrating V.E Day - Victory in Europe. This day celebrates the end of WW2 in Europe. Clayton has written a V.E Day speech in the style of the Prime Minister at the time, Prime Minister Winston Churchill. He has then performed and delivered his speech, which his mum recorded. 

Well Done Clayton, super composure and delivery - an excellent speech. :-)

Have a look, maybe this is something you could try - take a look at the Top Up Tank Activity 6 for the details.

Clayton's VE Day Speech

Clayton's VE Day Speech

Still image for this video
Clayton has written and performed a VE Day speech in the style of the Prime Ministers speech.

Friday 1st May 2020

Happy Friday everyone! We hope you are all well and staying safe. It has been great to receive some more emails and photos of work that you have all produced.

Today we have received  a very informative Golden Age of Islam project from Ryan Cairns and some more maths! I think we can tell what Ryan's favourite subject is! Well done Ryan.

Please keep the work coming: it would be great to post some more.

Tuesday 28th April 2020

We hope you are all well and staying safe. We are missing seeing all of your smiling faces, but we are delighted to receive emails and photos of work that you have all produced.

Today we have received  a very informative and detailed heart project from Dara Simmonds and a super piece of geometric Islamic artwork from Aimee Flint, well done to you both.

Keep the work coming.



Aimee Flint

Dara Simmonds



Monday 27th April 2020

We are missing you all so much but - we have to say - it has been lovely to receive emails with photographs and comments about the work you have been doing at home.


We will be putting much more on, but firstly thank you and well done to Ryan Cairns and Rhianna Mifsud-Herne in 6SLS for sending in this science, literacy and numeracy. We couldn't put it all on as there was WAY too much!!

Rhianna Mifsud-Herne

Ryan Cairns