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Zoom Quiz 2

Today, 19th May, some of 5CG took part in my second Zoom quiz.  Feel free to have a go at the quiz-I will post the answers later in the week.

  1. Which supermarket's Christmas advert was banned a few years ago?
  2. Name the 6 Wives of Henry VIII in order.
  3. What was the name of the mythical creature , that lived in tunnels under Crete? 

         Bonus Point: What was the name of the tunnels?

     4.  How many children did Henry VIII have?

     5.  How many official Tudor monarchs were there?

     6.  What was the name of the mythical snake haired woman?

     7. What is the name of the force, which pulls objects to Earth?

     8.  How many planets are there in our Solar System?

     9. Can you name the planets in order, starting closest to the sun? (remember your rhyme)

    10. What was the name of the first man to step onto the moon surface?  Can you name the

          other two men in this expedition?


Good luck - yes you may research if you cannot remember the answers