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School Improvement Priorities

Grange Junior School Improvement Priorities 2015-16


  1. Develop an effective assessment system that enables us to:

    -record where children are in their learning

    -track, monitor and report progress

    -intervene where appropriate

    -set targets for improvement


  2. Secure the consistency of teaching across the school so that it is always at least good:

    -ensure secure and deep learning

    -quality first teaching and interventions

    -Maths and English leads in each year group

    -targeted teaching to suit the needs of learners


  3. Curriculum design:

-create opportunities for children to write across the curriculum and for real purposes, ensuring learning is plaited together

-embed grammar, punctuation and spelling

-use diagnostic assessment to inform planning

-provide opportunities to intervene where necessary to address misconceptions and close gaps in understanding before the learning moves on

-provide opportunities to secure and deepen learning


4.  Building capacity and further strengthen leadership across the school

-New co-headteachers to continue to establish their role

-develop the role and focus of assistant head-teacher as behaviour lead

-establish year leads in English and Maths

-develop English and Maths leads to be able to run pupil progress meetings and analyse data to identify learning needs for classes and cohorts

-newly appointed SENCo to develop within her role and gain the relevant accreditation

-develop a behaviour team consisting of home school link workers, SENCo and behaviour lead

-empower class teachers to understand and respond to children with behavioural needs confidently