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Absence Reporting & Requests

Did you know?

For a child to reach their full educational achievement a high level of school attendance is essential.


At Grange, we want each child to have every opportunity to achieve their full potential; we stress the importance of excellent attendance and punctuality at all times, and have very high expectations for excellent attendance and punctuality.


Promoting Good Attendance

HSLW, office staff and Teachers support students to achieve excellent attendance, and consistently monitor students’ attendance and punctuality. If attendance falls below the expected levels, HSLW and the attendance team, will work with the young person and their family.

A range of strategies are deployed to support improvements in attendance and include:

  • In-school support
  • Home visits
  • In-school attendance panel
  • Legal interventions (as outlined in Hampshire County Council’s code of conduct.)

If you need support or advice with attendance, please contact the school office.

To help parents make judgements about absence due please use the relevant NHS guidance.


Working Together to Improve School Attendance

Being in school and having the best attendance possible underpins all the many benefits of school for your child, such as their learning, wellbeing and wider development.  We understand that for some children, attending school every day will be harder than for others.  As a parent, you are legally responsible for making sure your child gets a suitable full-time education, usually from the ages of 5-16


If you need to report that your child is absence from school, then please call the school office on 02392 581172. Please make sure you include your child’s name, class, reason for absence and estimated day of return.

A pupil's absence MUST be reported prior to 09:00 am on the day of the absence.


Please note that if you do not report an absence by 09:00am you may be contacted via text message and if we do not have a reason then this will be marked as unauthorised on your child’s attendance record.


We ask that where possible you do not book routine medical appointments during the school day. Where this is not possible, please ensure that your child attends school both before and /or after the appointment time.


For any planned absence, you must submit a Leave of Absence Request Form in good time.


If you take your child on holiday, it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence in all circumstances, and Penalty Notices will be issues in accordance with Hampshire County Council’s Code of Conduct.

Leave of Absence Request Form