Junior School

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School Improvement Priorities

School Improvement Priorities 2021-2022


Quality of Education:

  • Improve outcomes for all groups of children in Reading, Writing and Maths so that they are achieving in line with groups nationally, despite school closures due to Covid 19.
  • Ensure accurate identification of gaps in children’s knowledge and understanding are identified through using Hampshire’s minimum sufficiency documents.
  • Ensure that gaps in children’s knowledge, that have occurred due to Covid 19 school closures, are identified and addressed so that children ‘catch-up’ with their learning in Reading, Writing and Maths. (Transition information, AFL, Planning and revisiting objectives through Interventions, use of Hampshire catch-up curriculum, diagnostic tasks, Booster classes)
  • Make effective use of ‘catch-up funding’ to support the closing of identified gaps in children’s learning
  • Adjust the foundation curriculum to address missed learning due to school closures learning to ensure subject knowledge is sequential and progressive
  • Embed Efficient and effective use of assessment for the foundation subjects, including the development of visual learning journeys to show outcomes for children (big books)
  • Continue to utilise our on-line learning platform to enable children to access the learning of their class, remotely from home, when necessary


Behaviour & Attitudes and Personal Development:

  • Behaviours for Learning: support all children, including those with complex and challenging social, emotional and behavioural needs to develop independence and resilience, taking into account the impact of school closures due to Covid 19.
  • Continue to implementation of supervision in order to build resilience of staff
  • Continue to develop Thrive provision across the school in order to meet the specific needs of identified individuals and groups of children, monitor the impact of this through Thrive assessments.
  • Launch a house system to create a school community and working as a team ethos
  • Implement a new reward system to compliment and support the house system
  • Involve the children in the development of the school and it’s curriculum to ensure that they actively involved in it’s progress


Leadership and Management:

  • Continue to improve Impact of foundation subject leaders in developing a rich and deep curriculum which is progressive across the key stage.
  • Continue to provide CPD opportunities aligned with the foundation curriculum focus subjects to improve teachers’ subject knowledge and teaching over time
  • Ensure children are more actively involved in shaping and monitoring of the school’s curriculum


New Build

  • Consider landscaping of the outside areas, including play equipment, use of Lodge for outdoor learning opportunities.
  • Set up the new school mid-term ready for children ensuring no education time is lost