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Year 5


Meet the team 2021-2022



Mrs. C.J. Garland 

LSA: Mrs. C Armstrong



Mr G. Fletcher

LSA: Mrs. J. Miller



Mr D. Vaughan

LSA: Mrs. J. Darrington


Curriculum Meeting September 2022

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For those of you unable to attend our recent curriculum meeting, we have attached a video file of our presentation

Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium.

Year 5 will be visiting Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium as part of their learning about the Earth and Beyond.


5GF on 19th September

5DV on 20th September

5CG on 23rd September 


We had an amazing time.  We started our day with a visit to the Planetarium, where we discovered how to find the North Star.  We were able to explore the exhibits in the science center before our workshop 'Destination Earth.'  During our workshop we were challenged to find the most effective material for protecting a rocket from heat as well as directing light using mirrors.   Finally, we were amazed to use special glasses to refract light to see the colours of the rainbow in the light around us. 


Autumn 1

We have loved learning about space and the effects of gravity, during the first half term of this year.   We have explored day and night, gravity, the space race and other aspects of our galaxy.  We also sketched, painted and created collages with a space and planet theme.  We explored word be Kandinksi to use as our inspiration.


Space Projects

In autumn 1, year 5 children were invited to create a project covering an area of space and the planets.   We were astounded with the amazing quality of the projects produced.


We celebrated these through holding and assembly and sharing these with each of the year 5 classes and year 6.  Some children volunteered to share their project, what they did, who helped them and how they did it. 

Space Assembly


Curriculum Maps 2022-2023

Homework Expectations