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Meet the team 2021-2022



Mrs. C.J. Garland 

LSA: Mrs. C Armstrong



Mr G. Fletcher

LSA: Mrs. J Darrington



Miss A. Johnstone

LSA: Mrs. S Court and Mrs. L Gregory


Parents' Curriculum Information

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Titchfield Village, St Peter's Church and Titchfield Abbey Trip

Early in February Year 5 took their learning on the road.   We went to Titchfield village (approx 2.5 miles away from the school) to discover what we could about Tudor Britain.    We had a great time exploring-putting our detective skills to the test, looking for evidence of Tudor architecture.  We found of beams, jetties, wooden pegs and walls that would once have been made from wattle and daub.   We looked at lots of the building trying decide if there were Tudor in origin or not.  


St Peter's Church


At the back of St Peter’s church we found the tomb for the Right Honourable Thomas Wriothesley—favoured and trusted courtier of King Henry VIII, who gave him the title of 1st Earl of Southampton.  Henry gifted Thomas Wriothesley  Titchfield Abbey, after the reformation of the church in 1537.


We also discovered that Thomas Wriotheseley  was also a Knight of the Honourable order of the Garter, Baron of Titchfield as well as executor of the last will and testament of King Henry VIII.


Evidence of his name can still be found around the village.

Titchfield Abbey - Park Place

Our final stop was Titchfield/Park Place, the former monastry, which was gifted to Thomas Wriothesely by Henry VIII.  This was the Wriothesley family home for many years.

The Battle of Bosworth Field

To help us to understand the events that brought the Tudors to the throne of England, we re-enacted the Battle of Bosworth Field on our own playgroup


Kind Richard III - Had his large army in a prime location.

Henry Tudor - had his much small (but very determined) army- primed and ready.

Lord Stanley - stood on the side lines until the last moment-then his decision changed history.


Our re-enactment of events really helped us to know how and why the events took place and the significance of these.

Irreversible Changes


IN Year 5, we do love getting the children excited about their learning.  This meant that during our topic on Changing Materials we had great opportunities to create some amazing (and safe) chemical reactions, using easily found household products.   Take a close look at our cups to see what we saw happen. 

Planetarium - Winchester


As part of our space learning, we visited the Planetarium in Winchester.  We explored ways of keeping rockets cool in space as well as how we could bend a light source.  There were lots of ooows and ahhhhh as we investigated and explored.  We also had some independent time to explore other exhibits, which was great fun and didn't feel like learning at all.  It always makes the teachers smile when the children tell us it was great having a day when they didn't do any learning! (Little did they realise.........)


Our final activity was to be launched into space in the planetarium; traveling a light speed to explore planets, stars and black holes in space. 


Planetarium visit

Isolating and Google Classroom

Work for children who are in isolation so missing school through isolation, please go to our Google Classroom pages to find the current learning taking place in each year 5 classroom.  It is really important that the children, who cannot be in school, continue learning so that when they return, they are not trying to catch up.


Follow the link below 


Autumn 1 2021 - learning


Our first topic, in Year 5, is all about space.  We will be finding our about the planets and moon, as well as learning about space exploration, making our own decisions as to whether the moon landings were real of fake. 

Curriculum Overview for Year 5 2021-2022

Homework Expectations