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Year 3

These videos below demonstrate how Addition & Subtraction at Grange Junior School is taught in Year 3.

The number line provides an opportunity for children to practice and apply patterns that exist within the number system and allows them to apply their understanding of place value when working with numbers.

These strategies help to build on the knowledge from Year 2. They allow children to visualise how digits change and why the importance of number facts (number bonds to 10) are so powerful. 




The images above show examples of how Addition and Subtraction are undertaken on the numberline. 

The first image shows children 'bridging' through a multiple of ten by adding to reach the next ten and then adding the remaining ones. By doing this, they're naturally practicing their addition facts for different numbers. They then add the tens in single jumps of ten where they can reinforce their understanding of place value and the understanding of the digits which change.


The second image shows children continuing to 'bridge' through a multiple of ten and applying addition number facts. They have then added a large chunk jump of multiple tens to become more efficient showing a growing confidence in the patterns of the number system.


The final image shows the strategy for subtraction. Children subtract back to the tens number and the subtract any remaining ones. Again, this strategy allows children to practice subtraction facts. Once this is done they subtract the tens. This again allows children to reinforce their understanding of place value and which digits will change when subtracting tens.

Subtract a two-digit number on a number line, tens then ones

This video will show how subtraction can be done on a number line. The video highlights the importance of counting back to a multiple of ten (zero number) when bridging through a multiple of ten. Subtraction can be done by either subtracting the ones or the tens first.