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We are pleased to be supporting Hampshire’s Spring into Action 2023 event!

The event runs from Monday 27th February to Sunday 5th March 2023.


A Spring into Action Toolkit is available at:


The toolkit provides families with a daily activity to enjoy each day of the school week while they walk, wheel, scoot or cycle on their journey to and from school and during the weekend.

Families are invited to try a daily activity during the week from the toolkit.

You can follow the daily suggestions or mix them up to suit your family!

Children will also be able to celebrate World Book Day with special book-themed activities for the journey to school on Thursday 2nd March 2023.

The toolkit provides a fantastic opportunity for families to spend time talking and having fun together.



Monday 27th February

Connect with Nature

Take time to look at the wildlife on your journey. How many different types of nature can you spot (flowers, insects, birds, squirrels)? Count them as you walk.


  • You could record your findings on a piece of paper (list, tally chart or a pie chart).
  • Why not draw a picture of your favourite sighting?
  • Is it what you expected or is there anything you have seen that is a surprise?


Tuesday 28th February

Tree for all seasons

With the help of an adult take a photo of a tree which you would expect to change over the seasons (change colour, drop leaves, develop buds / flowers / blossom / catkins / acorns / berries).

  • Using your photo of the tree, imagine what it will look like in the other three seasons.
  • Do you know what the 4 seasons are? Which is your favourite and why?
  • Why not draw a picture of it now and then again in the other seasons?


Wednesday 1st March

Free as a Bird

  • How many different types of bird can you spot when you are walking to and from school?
  • Can you name the types of bird you see? If you see one you don’t recognise, make a note of it/take a photograph. Use your notes or photograph to research and identify any you don’t know.
  • Which bird makes the best sound?! Can you make the same sound?


Thursday 2nd March

World Book Day

The theme for 2023 is “You Are a Reader”.

  • If your school is dressing up as book characters today, how many different characters can you spot on the way to and from school?
  • On the journey to and from school, chat about which books you have read.
  • Why not make up a story using the sights and sounds around you, particularly looking for signs of Spring? – Perhaps you can think of a word that rhymes with something you have spotted or some fun alliteration. For example: ‘The busy bee buzzing around the buddleia bush.’


Friday 3rd March

World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day! The event is designed to raise awareness of the diversity of wildlife and marine life we have today. It also aims to help people understand how to help conserve the planet.

  • On your walk to and from school, try and spot an animal/insect/plant or tree that is unique to the United Kingdom. You can always take a photo or make a sketch!
  • Can you think of animals/insects/plants or trees that children in other parts of the world might see that you don’t, for example, a coconut tree?!
  • With your adult or a friend, chat about whose responsibility it is to protect our natural world.



Saturday 4th March

Make a Bird Feeder Activity

Making a bird feeder is one of the simplest ways of supporting local wildlife, whilst also finding new uses for old rubbish.

  • With the help of an adult, try and identify a suitable place to hang a bird feeder.
  • You will need: a plastic bottle or yogurt pot or milk carton, some wire or string, some bird seed * and some scissors.
  • Follow the step-by-step guide at: Make a Recycled Bird Feeder
  • Why not then sit and watch and record the different types of birds that come to feed? *If you have a nut allergy ensure you are using a peanut-free bird seed.



Sunday 5th March

Nature chest

As it’s the weekend, you may have a little more time to go for a longer family walk or find somewhere new to explore. Why not take a small box with you and find some precious nature treasures to fit inside?

  • Find a suitable box such as a shoe box, egg box or raisin box (check with an adult that it is OK to use).
  • On your walk find nature treasures to put in your box – such as a stick, a beautiful stone, a fallen leaf, pinecone, acorn etc. (Remember to look after nature by not picking anything living). Always get your adult to check that the area around your item and the object you are picking up is clean and safe (for example, no sharp objects nearby).
  • Perhaps you can research the items that you have found, make a collage, create a scrapbook/journal or write a story involving all the items!